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Jody Gribble, Yoga Instructor

Jody Gribble, Yoga Instructor

Dance has been a consistent part of Jody's life since her first dance steps at the age of thirteen. She's waltzed, tangoed and shimmied her way through life’s ups and downs. Moving to Toronto in 2011, Jody found her way into the Salsa community where she joined UnitedSalseros, starting as a performer and then as a teaching apprentice under the direct tutelage of Co-Founder and Creative Director, Teddy Olaso. UnitedSalseros is where Jody found her voice as a teacher, and grew as a performer eventually becoming a Senior Instructor, teaching group classes and workshops throughout the city. Jody has also had the privilege of being a member of the UnitedSalseros Pro Team, performing all over North America, and Co-Directing the UnitedSalseros Semi-Pro Team with fellow Senior Instructor, Kevin Gomes.

It was through dance and her fascination with movement that Jody discovered Yoga. It began as a way for Jody to improve her dancing, gain a deeper sense of self-awareness, flexibility, and strength. The more she practiced, the more she also experienced mental and spiritual benefits. Jody loves the feeling of community and shared experience that Yoga brings into her life. Registering for her first class at Yoga Tree in 2012, she is grateful to have participated in their Energy Exchange Program, and in 2018 completed their 250-Hour Yoga Teacher Training. Drawing on her background as a dancer, Jody's classes incorporate dynamic flows, emphasizing movement with intention and connection with the breath. Recognizing Yoga as a moving meditation, Jody encourages students to practice with a purpose and to let go of the desire to attain perfection. Always passionate about learning, and growing as an instructor; Jody looks forward to continuing her pursuit of knowledge and sharing her love of Yoga and dance with her students.