Keira Seddon, Clinic Director

Keira Seddon, Clinic Director

Keira Seddon is the co-founder and Clinic Director of Lemon Water Wellness Clinic & General Store.  Her career has involved Health Care Management, Wellness and Fitness Management, and Cosmetics. Both the Lemon Water Wellness Clinic & General Store bring together Keira’s passion and interest in overall health and well-being.

Keira graduated from Conestoga College with an advanced diploma in Marketing and Business, and was a former professional make-up artist. She has spent the last six years in the Healthcare and Fitness Management Industry and possesses extensive knowledge in managing multiple practitioners across various disciplines.

After working in the healthcare industry for a few years, and expanding her knowledge of Natural Products and Holistic Treatment modalities, Keira saw the need and benefit of opening a holistic wellness centre which is a one stop shop for people who would like more natural options in terms of product’s that they use on a daily basis, as well as a warm and inviting space for holistic treatment. Keira is enthusiastic to be part of the Lemon Water Wellness team, and is dedicated to inspiring patients and customers to take control of their health and lifestyle holistically.

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