Mihir Nadiminti, RMT


Mihir Nadiminti is a massage therapy graduate from the Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy and is in good standing with the CMTO. Dealing with nagging frozen shoulder and elbow injuries from playing sports always kept him out of activity till a chance encounter with an RMT began to show signs of improvement and led to a full recovery. This led him to explore and study massage therapy leaving a successful career in finance, so he could pass on the help he got . The satisfaction of living a life of purpose: helping others with their pain, being empathetic, and putting others' needs before his own while taking care of his own health and well-being is something that he always craved deep within but didn't know how to channel into a career worth pursuing, therefore being a therapeutic practitioner hit all of those goals.

Mihir uses a combination of relaxing Swedish techniques, deep tissue work, myofascial stretching, and trigger point work to give his clients relief and well-being. Whether it be people doing remote work and sitting long hours at their desks and computers, weekend warriors or avid sports and martial arts enthusiasts, the head neck and shoulders are almost always affected. Mihir draws from his own experience and believes he does his best work with these areas.

Massage therapy along with stretching and exercises is a powerful tool that he believes can enrich lives and promote good health so that people can live fuller lives. Mihir works with his clients pace and comfort level so that they can work together to reach well defined goals.

In his spare time he loves reading, cooking and watching thriller movies.