We are currently offering virtual and phone appointments. Email, call or book online. We are currently offering virtual and phone appointments. Email, call or book online.
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Patsy McLean, Health & Wellness Coach

Patsy McLean, Health & Wellness Coach

Patsy McLean is excited to join the team at Lemon Water Wellness.  As an accomplished health and fitness professional with over a decade experience in the industry, Patsy believes exercise is vital but just a part of a complex puzzle.

True health and wellness is a package that encompasses mind, body, and spirit.  Stress, nutrition and emotions can affect this balance.  After successfully transitioning through a cancer diagnosis 7 years ago, (with the assistance of Dr. Selene Wilkinson) Patsy has studied many alternative and natural ways to assist the body in the quest for optimal health.  
Patsy has now moved her training business forward to a more holistic health and wellness practice. This includes yoga, meditation, coaching and energy work.  With increased internal and external toxins in our world, serious illness is a major concern.  Patsy believes stress is one of the key factors and, therefore, stress reducing techniques are crucial to ensure the body and mind stay balanced.
Patsy's goal is to inspire and assist others to be the best they can be in all areas of their life.  Her passion for health and wellness is felt during her sessions, live presentations and in the pages of her book.  Patsy was awarded the 2014 Julie Main Woman Leader Scholarship.
Certified as a Yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner, Health/Life coach and Personal trainer she offers a wide variety of modalities to help nurture the mind and body.  Patsy looks forward to sharing her knowledge and tips with you.