Inositol Nicotinate + Cr


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• Chromium nicotinate formula
• Provides support for healthy glucose metabolism and helps the body metabolize carbohydrates and fats
• A factor in the maintenance of good health
• Provides 300 mg of inositol nicotinate per dose
• Includes 100 mcg of chromium per dose

Inositol Nicotinate + Cr is a blend of inositol nicotinate and chromium that helps to maintain good health. Chromium helps the body metabolize glucose and fats by mediating the actions of insulin, which include regulating glucose uptake in cells, promoting its storage as glycogen, stimulating fatty acid synthesis, and inhibiting triglyceride breakdown.1,2 Chromium can directly bind to insulin, which may help stabilize the hormone and support insulin-mediated cell signalling pathways.1

It can also bind to insulin via its binding protein, chromodulin, which is produced in the liver and is stored in insulin-sensitive tissues.3

Upon binding to insulin, chromium helps to increase the number of GLUT4 transporters on cell membranes for glucose transport into cells.1


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