Bathroom Cleaner with Organic Lavender & Lime Essential Oils

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Bathroom Cleaner with Organic Lavender & Lime Essential Oils
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All-Natural Bathroom Cleaner with Organic Lavender & Lime Essential Oils

Our all-natural bathroom cleaner was developed to provide you with maximum efficiency when cleaning soap scum and hard water marks while also delivering the benefits of its safe and toxin-free ingredients. All components used in the formula of this essential oil bathroom cleaner are 100 percent natural to ensure that your loved ones will not be exposed to harmful chemicals contained in conventional bathroom cleaners. The key ingredients of the formula are lavender and lime essential oils that not only are exceptionally capable of disinfecting, cleaning and fighting surface fungus, but also have aromatherapeutic qualities that invigorate and charge the environment with the positive energy. The effectiveness of this lime and lavender bathroom cleaner matches and exceeds that of many conventional cleaners. It will quickly remove soapy stains as well as hard water buildup and help to control mold infestation. Use our microfiber bathroom cloths to achieve better results.

All-Natural Organic Lavender & Lime Essential Oil Bathroom Cleaner Features:

  • 100 percent natural

  • Organic essential oils

  • EcoCert® certified 

  • Biodegradable, plant-derived ingredients

  • Septic tank safe

  • 100 percent vegan & no animal testing

  • 50 percent recycled packaging

  • Designed to be matched with our high-tech Microfiber Cloths

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