Dish Soap with Organic Geranium & Orange Essential Oils

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Dish Soap with Organic Geranium & Orange Essential Oils
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All-Natural Dish Soap with Organic Geranium & Orange Essential Oil

This essential oil dish soap will help you to easily knock out the stacks of dirty dishes while being gentle on your skin and eco-friendly when it goes down the drain. Its formula was created to ensure that none of the potentially harmful substances and additives contained in conventional dish soap come into contact with your dishes and cookware, but it maintains the same cleaning capabilities. This all-natural dish soap effectively cuts through grease and helps to remove stuck-on crumbs and dried-on food stains on dishes. Your plates and silverware will shine and sparkle, whether you prefer to soak them before you start washing or not. The components of this dish soap are 100 percent natural and have skin softening and moisturizing properties to make hand dishwashing an indulging experience that is healthy for your skin. And the organic geranium and orange essential oils included in the formula of this dish soap will fill up your kitchen with a pleasant and unique smell.

  • All-Natural Organic Geranium & Orange Essential Oil Dish Soap Features:

  • 100 percent natural

  • Organic essential oils

  • EcoCert® certified

  • Biodegradable, plant-derived ingredients

  • Septic tank safe

  • 100 percent vegan & no animal testing

  • 50 percent recycled packaging

  • Designed to be matched with our high-tech Microfiber Cloths

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