Behnaz Beigui, Holistic Nutritionist

Behnaz is a Certified Functional Nutrition Counsellor (CFNC) with a passion for helping people rediscover their health, vitality, and joy. As a proponent of herbal and natural medicine to prevent and heal ailments, her practice is embedded in bio-individual nutrition counselling with a functional and epigenetic lens. She believes healing can be such a profound and joyful process. Her health journey has been the reason she is passionate about food as medicine. Behnaz pursued functional nutrition counselling at the Functional Nutrition Alliance, where she learnt a full body systems approach to health and the necessary tools that serve those who feel stuck on their healing journey. Her favourite way to heal is by getting creative in the kitchen and making anti-inflammatory foods that support and express our body’s natural ability to heal. Good food is truly medicine!

Behnaz’s approach is holistic, bio-individual and centred on finding the root cause of health concerns and nutritional deficiencies. She loves to guide her clients to take their power back by educating them on their body’s unique physiology. Behnaz offers functional solutions that express healing and lasting change from the inside out. Through working with her clients and seeing their transformation as well as her own, she has seen and believes that our bodies are designed to heal when given the right nutrients, environments, consistent support, and conditions to thrive