Dr. Caroline Lewis, N.D

Dr. Caroline Lewis, ND
, is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Functional Medicine Practitioner. Caroline also has her license in Intravenous (IV) Nutrient Therapy, which is an integral part of her clinical practice. Dr. Lewis specializes in Gastrointestinal and Digestive Health, Women's Hormones, Skin and Anti-aging, Fatigue, and Mental Health. Caroline takes careful consideration of her patient's needs while providing a safe space for healing. She believes that nourishing the digestive system, balancing the gut and skin microbiomes, harmonizing hormones, and supporting the nervous system, are essential for your vitality and glow. IV Therapy is one of her favourite modalities to ensure patients receive and absorb the nutrients they need to achieve this.

Dr. Lewis received her Doctorate in Naturopathy from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM), and Master’s in Neuroscience from Cardiff University (UK). She is additionally certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM), and licensed to prescribe Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), administer B12 and nutrient injections, compound personalized skincare formulas, and perform Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture.