Pregnancy Massage Therapy

Pregnancy massages are safe throughout the entire duration of the pregnancy, including the 1st trimester! These massages are a great compliment to or alternative for medications. In these appointments the RMT will teach breathe work, relaxation techniques, exercises that are helpful for prenatal and birth preparation, as well as teaching massage and self-care strategies to your partner. The RMT will also help integrate physical changes (i.e. postural awareness) that will help you throughout the duration of your pregnancy. Most importantly the RMT will answer any questions or concerns the mama to be has!

There are many benefits associated with a pregnancy massage, including:

  • Relieves stress & promotes relaxation
  • Reduces/alleviates musculoskeletal symptoms such as discomfort, cramping, aches & pain in muscles, joints and ligaments
  • Helps to reduce edema and promote healthy circulation
  • Relieves stress on weight-bearing joints
  • Promotes improved sleep
  • Educates the client about a variety of issues, not only helpful during pregnancy, but also for birth preparation