Seok Kwon Kim, R. TCMP, R. AC

Seok Kwon Kim, R. TCMP, R. AC is in good standing with the College of Traditional Chinese Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario (CTCMPAO).

He started his acupuncture career back in 2009 at Korean Acupuncture Research Institute in Seoul Korea and continued studying TCM at Calgary (CCTCMA) and Toronto (OCTCM). After passing the Pan Canadian Exam, he stayed in Korea and enhanced his acupuncture and manual therapy modalities including Dr. Ida Rolf's Fascia Releasing and Dr. Dallas Hancock's CranioSomatic technique. Thus, he generally combines the manual therapeutic method with acupuncture and these combined modalities produce much more efficient results. In case the disease is due to a constitutional issue, he prescribes personalized herbal remedies according to the patient's condition.

He has fortes in addressing musculoskeletal pains (back, shoulder, neck, and knee) as well as in managing emotional stress and the symptoms caused by it (headache, sleeping disorder,  and digestion issues).