Sage Bundle

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Sage is antimicrobial, can dispel negative energy, help clean the air of pollutants, and can help boost mood and increase energy levels.

Burning sage — also known as smudging — is an ancient spiritual ritual. Smudging has been well established as an Indigenous native American cultural or tribal practice, although it isn’t practiced by all groups. We have the traditions of many Native American peoples to thank for its use. This includes the Lakota, Chumash, Cahuilla, among others, Always note and honor this fact when burning!


Burn a candle, set an intention, and then light the sage using the candle. Blow it out so the embers are glowing. With both hands or a feather, bring the smoke into your heart, over your head and down the front and back body to cleanse yourself.

Sage bundles can be purchased in 2 sizes, Medium and Large. 

*Note: our sage bundles are ethically sourced