Joelle Lugassy, Registered Psychotherapist

My personal journey began a few years ago. Entering adulthood, I found myself questioning what truly made me happy. As I was entering my initial career path, I found that my career lacked passion, depth, and meaning. That is when I took a look within myself and realized that is when I had some work to do. As I started to work on myself, I realized that there was no other thing in the world that made me happier. By working on myself, I have learned about the power of psychotherapy. Psychotherapy has taught me to talk about my thoughts and feelings, the importance of making connections, personal healing. and growing in personal awareness. As a Registered Psychotherapist, my goal and passion is to help others accomplish what I have.

Together we can work towards positive change whether you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or anxious. We can uncover the patterns of thoughts and behaviors that may be holding you back. We can replace despair with hope, self-doubt with self-esteem, and sadness with joy. Simply put, we can discover your better self. You may not have a specific “problem” necessarily in mind; you don’t need to be given a reason to begin the work. When people typically think about therapy they have this misconception that it’s for individuals who endured trauma, couples who fight, or for those who have gone through other life-changing events. From my experiences, I believe therapy is for everyone. Therapy is the foundation for communication, empowering thoughts, self-validation, and self-worthiness.

My approach is holistic and client- centered. That means that I strive to create a therapeutic environment which is non-judgmental, comfortable, and warm. I offer secure, on-line or in person sessions, creating a safe space in which to which to unload, process, and progress towards goals. Psychotherapy has been my most important relationship to-date. With the help of a psychotherapist, it is possible to feel understood, grounded, and validated. I invite you to reach out and see if we are the right therapeutic fit!"