THR (Cardio Complex)


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• Multi-vitamin formula with cayenne
• Helps in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth
• Helps to maintain proper muscle function
• Cayenne is traditionally used in Herbal Medicine to help support peripheral circulation
• Helps to prevent vitamin E deficiency by providing 60 IU of vitamin E per daily dose
• Includes 100 mg of magnesium and 20 mg of cayenne fruit per daily dose

THR is a combination of cayenne fruit, magnesium, and vitamin E that helps to maintain good health. Capsaicinoids are responsible for the pungent flavour of cayenne, and the primary and most potent capsaicinoid is capsaicin.1

Binding of capsaicin to its receptors on sensory neurons leads to the release of neuropeptides which help support blood flow.1

As a cofactor for over 600 enzymes, magnesium helps regulate the synthesis of amino acids and proteins.2

Magnesium helps maintain muscle function by competing with calcium for binding sites on proteins that regulate muscle contractions.2

Low levels of magnesium lead to calcium binding these proteins, which may result in muscle cramps.2

Magnesium also helps maintain bones and teeth by stimulating the bone forming activity of osteoblasts.2

The primary role of vitamin E is to prevent oxidative damage to lipid membranes.3

Among naturally occurring scavengers of reactive oxygen species, the ?-tocopherol form of vitamin E is the most potent.3

THR provides 40 mg of ?-tocopherol per daily dose and helps to prevent vitamin E deficiency.


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